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Thursday, June 21, 2018

tones of Surprises! On Russia world cup 2018

Russia 2018 World Cup and tones of Surprises!

This Iranian team that almost humiliated the Spaniards yesterday would be playing against the Portuguese. If care isn’t taken, they may send them packing. There’s no chill pill whatsoever form in that squad.
Many of us were carried away that Iranians, like the rest of the Middle East only care for and know about oil and gas money, plus jokingly also, how to make bombs, detonate it and aim at nuclear arms deal. However, at the World Cup, they’re throwing up surprises.
While I would root for Christiano Ronaldo and his team for he big is simply too good, be it as it may, if the Portuguese take the cracker as a joke or that it would come easy, let them go and have a rethink; for the Iranians I saw today aren’t there in Russia to merely exchange jersies. They came for serious business.
The World Cup has proven to be only for the best. There’s nothing again like under rating of any side or team m; if you dare to think of any team as a pushover, they will simply humble and humiliate you.  Mexicans dealt with the defending champions, the Germans with all their machines. Brazil fought to a last minute win. Spaniards were held to a draw by Portugal and Iran almost ruined their chances.
Our Nigerian boys would be playing today against the Icelanders. It’s laughable where many Nigerians in their usual style of ostentatiousness and vainglorious pomposity are already making noise that they will turn the Iceland to Ice cream within the time of the cracker. It’s ofcourse not by mouth, it’s not by beautiful nerdy designs, it’s of the foot, the ball and the team. It’s not jersies, but technicalities.
For the records, the Iceland team with virtually all players as professionals in other relevant fields that shocked the Argentines and held then to a draw. What I saw in that match and what the Nigerian squad has put in thus far, hasn’t shown the possibility of success. One has to atleast be honest to himself.
As it stands now, only a miracle may save Nigerians against the Iceland, so also, only a miracle can save Portugal against Iran.
Even the Argentines, the Germans and Brazilians aren’t yet assured of a happy ending. It’s competitive football and things got messier and got serious as well.


Thomas More Scholarship

in an age when many political leaders appear to have long past from bending the truth, to leaving behind it, and when the media is continuously on trial for fake information our united states of america is desperately in need for young leaders who are inclined to speak and arise for the reality.

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step 3
utility shape: fill out the utility form located at:

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send a youtube link: ship us your video report (through the utility shape) within the form of a youtube hyperlink.

deadline: 22 june 2018

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

2018-2019 Admission critical


Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates into the AE-FUNAI Centre for Educational Services (AE-FUNAI CES) for admission into a non-resident JUPEB and Pre-Degree programmes of the Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike (AE-FUNAI), Ebonyi State. The Pre-degree programme is designed to prepare candidates for admission into degree programmes in all disciplines of the University while the JUPEB programme is a 10-month intensive coaching designed to prepare candidates for direct entry admission into the 200-level of departments of candidates’ choices in      AE-FUNAI and the over 60 universities in Nigeria and abroad affiliated to the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB). AE-FUNAI has successfully run these programmes since 2014 and has gained acclamation for that, nationally.


Candidates for the programmes must possess a minimum of five (5) credits in five (5) relevant subjects (including English Language and Mathematics) at a maximum of two sittings.


The JUPEB programme normally runs for two (2) semesters within about ten (10) calendar months.

The AE-FUNAI’s Centre for Educational Services (AE-FUNAI CES) will prepare candidates for admission into Bachelors’ degree programmes in the following Faculties:

AGRICULTUREAgribusiness ManagementAgricultural  Economics & ExtensionAnimal ScienceCrop ScienceSoil ScienceFisheries and AquacultureBASIC MEDICAL SCIENCESAnatomy

2.      Physiology


Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates into the AE-FUNAI Centre for Educational Services (AE-FUNAI CES) for admission into a non-resident JUPEB and Pre-Degree programmes of the Alex Ekwueme


$2000 Promos Scholarship

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Buhari cancel out meeting with nPDP members

president muhammadu buhari has declared that he will never sit down down for dialogue with the aggrieved members of the defunct new peoples democratic party that joined forces to shape the ruling all progressives congress.
a top authorities reputable disclosed this to reporters at the condition of anonymity on monday.
the source said buhari had conveyed his position on the problem to nation governors elected at the platform of the apc at some stage in a meeting he had with them recently.
the president was stated to have insisted that state governors and the countrywide leaders of the celebration must be able to solve such troubles.
he stated the difficulty became a party count and he become now not prepared to sit with any faction.
“it's far a party matter. i'm not ready to sit down with any faction. if they have troubles, they have to go to the birthday party. i'm able to no longer interfere.
“governors as celebration leaders within the states should deal with all troubles. where there may be a need, the birthday party leadership can are available in. i'm able to not get concerned,” buhari become quoted to have advised the apc governors.
he became, however, said to have agreed that the touch commenced by way of vice-president yemi osinbajo need to preserve.
the supply also added that evaluations were divided on the difficulty most of the governors that attended the assembly.
“some difficult-line governors requested the president to disregard the npdp contributors at the same time as most of the people felt the celebration and the vp need to hold to talk to them,” the source added.
the senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity, garba shehu, couldn't be reached on the telephone for remark as of the time of filing this document.
but the president of the senate, bukola saraki; a former governor of kano state, senator rabi’u kwankwaso (kano-important); and senator shehu sani (kaduna-crucial), who're part of the aggrieved apc individuals, could not be reached for feedback on monday night.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Azia is among the best village

Azia is a town in Anambra State in Nigeria. It is located in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State. Ihiala local Government Area consists of several cities, such as Amorka, Azia, OkijaMbosiIssekeOrsumoghuUbuluisuzor and Uli. It lies in the agricultural belt of the state. Ihiala is an unusually peaceful part of the country, attracting settlers wishing to escape other chaotic Nigerian cities. Its people are one of the Igbo speaking peoples of Eastern Nigeria. The Biafra International Airport, which was used for humanitarian relief, was located in Amorka during the Nigerian Civil War. Also located in Amorka is one of the Bunkers built by the then Leader of the Biafrans.


Azia was named after the founder and the father of the inhabitants of the town, Azia Alamatugiugele who according to oral history lived about 1,400 years ago (470-585 A.D). Azia, Orsumoghu, Mbosi and Isseke were the sons of Osunano by his first wife who is the owner of the portion of land that cuts across Azia and Orsumoghu known as Ama-Lolo (Lolo's farm land). Osunano in turn is a son of Igbonano. Before the coming of the white men, there was a region of the Igbo country called Igbonano. A conglomeration of clans, Igbonano was supposedly located in the area now occupied by some thirty autonomous communities from both Anambra and Imo states.
These communities on the western axis of Anambra-Imo border area, till today still have many things in common e.g. similar names of idols, a type of ancestral masquerade called 'mmanwu ozaebile', a similar style of red cap title ceremony graced with uhio music, a set of ozo title prefixes (Ezike,Dara, Duru, Dim, Ume, Ezeani, Ezeahia, Ezeloma and Okpara) etc. Azia had four sons, Dara-Nsu, Ezebo, Ihite and Ukwakwa. These sons are the founders of the five villages in Azia namely Umudansu, Umudiokpara, Ihite, Ukwakwa and Abam. The people of Umudiokpara and Abam are the descendants of Ezebo the second son of Azia. Ezebo had two great sons: Ezike Okwe (Diokpara) and Abamliwu (Abam). Their descendants became numerous and formed two villages but they chose one share as Ezebo-household in Azia. Later the descendants of Abamliwu revolted and were granted autonomy.

Geography and land familiesEdit

Azia has a town called Ukpor at the Northern end just across Urasi river; Ihiala and Okija lies at its Western end; Mbosi and Orsumoghu are situated at the Southern and the Eastern ends respectively. The landscape of Azia is bounded by valleys, hills and rivers which in local mythology is ascribed to be the handiwork of the goddess of land (ala), Alamatugiugele. In ancient times, during wars these boundaries served as a strong defense against external attacks and aggression.
According to oral history, the families of Umu-Orie in Ukwakwa, Umu-Nnama in Umudiokpara, Aworoba in Abam, Ekwuru in Abam and Umu-Duru-Ulim were populous and rich. It was claimed that these families owned the majority of the area of land known as Azia today. Owing to revolution these families lost not only land but their population. It was told in Azia mythology that their population grew teemingly large and constituted danger to the entire community as they became aggressive, proud and sectional hence the spark of the revolution. In the history of Azia we have some individuals who have assumed leadership and reigned either because of their great wealth, brave deeds or seniority. We have Nsu the first son of Azia, who reinged after taking his high title: Dara, The great Ezike Okwe (the first son of Ezebo and the father of Umudiokpara people, Eze-Ala of Ukwakwa, DuruEze of Ihite, Ezike-Oha a son of Abamliwu (the man who was reputed to have reared an elephant as one of his domestic animals. Later about the year 1845, Ezike-Osuagwu (the father of Ogbuamuma people) reigned. About this age Chief Eze-Chukwu of Dim-Ocha family in Abam reigned. The reign of Ezike-Osuagwu was very remarkable as more wars were waged during his time in defense of the city. At that time, Azia's best fighters were mainly from Ukwakwa and Abam. The agility of Ukwakwa warriors in those days earned them the name 'Ezioha na obi di ike' while that of Abam warriors earned them the name 'Idima na egbu agu'. After the year 1885 Chief Nwaenyi, Chief Ezeanochie, Dara-Anyaeji, Chief Eze-emelahi, Chief Ezike-Okolie, Chief Ezike-Onyekwere, and the warrant chief Ezeanochie-Ohanu. Ezeanochie-Ohanu was made warrant chief by the Colonial Administration because of his brightness and wealth

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Buhari sign to leave Office for youth's

the anglican archbishop of enugu ecclesiastical province and bishop of enugu diocese, his grace, rev. emmanuel chukwuma, has said that president muhammadu buhari has signed the verdict of exit from office in 2019.

he said buhari did this when he signed the no longer-too-younger-to-run bill in may.

in an interview with the solar, the bishop additionally disclosed that he is leading a protest to close down abuja for two days over the security state of affairs inside the usa.

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US varsity rewards brilliant Nigerians with scholarships

orphans go through agonising experiences in existence,  especially at an early age. being an orphan implies that such a person changed into or will be raised without the care and love of their biological parents.

this set of human beings reputedly depend totally at the  intervention of different individuals or firms for survival. food and different objects are anticipated to be provided by means of one-of-a-kind people for orphans.

periodically, kind people visit orhanages and homes to have a good time their birthdays, wedding ceremony anniversaries, breakthroughs or throughout festive intervals to proportion the joy of the season with the less-privileged children.

some corporations additionally visit the homes with comfort substances and different objects, as a part of their company social duty (csr).

in this regard, officers of latest crystal conversation constrained, closing week, took a excursion of five orphanage houses in abuja, donating special alleviation objects to celebrate the orphans, their caregivers and to appreciate god for a successful and hitch-unfastened business year.

the orphanage houses visited had been ark of shelter, christ foundation, proficient and talented, treasure and talithiacum houses.

gadgets dispensed protected schoolbags, toiletries, hostel beds and mattresses, generators, faculty uniforms, garments, textbooks and exercise books, as well as food and different household objects.

the gadgets, abuja metro gathered, have been bought and dispensed primarily based at the need of every of the orphanage houses.


the marketing manager of the organization, augusta ndigwe, said the gesture become no longer because they made much earnings within the outgoing 12 months, however to proportion love and sense the heart beat of the less privileged within the society with the little assets god has blessed them with.

she stated: “our purpose become no longer to show wealth however to show a few love to those youngsters who had been orphaned through no fault of theirs, and are isolated from the affection and care of their biological mother and father.

“it become additionally an opportunity for us to rejoice their care-givers, who've been dutiful of their care for these children. we supported them in our own little manner with items needed to ameliorate the struggling of the youngsters in their custody.”

she become impressed with the fitness and intellectual situation of the children, and recommended their caregivers to continue to present their excellent to the kids, with prayers that god would praise them abundantly.

she announced that the management of the enterprise had agreed to provide scholarship to ten orphans who had terrific educational overall performance, to resource their academic quest.


the operator of christ foundation orphanage, gabriel kuta, changed into grateful to new crystal communication confined, for remembering them with objects that could assist them deliver good care to the children.

he prayed that god could replenish the pockets of whoever became worried inside the provision of the relaxation gadgets. he additionally recommended different philanthropists to emulate the company and repair wish in the much less privileged kids.

in the meantime, the youngsters used drama, dance and different shows to solicit accelerated intervention of presidency and other nigerians in problems that subject orphans and other underprivileged humans inside the society.

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Firms fete orphans, offer scholarships to 10

Orphans go through agonising experiences in life,  particularly at an early age. Being an orphan implies that such a person was or will be raised without the care and love of their biological parents.
This set of people apparently rely solely on the  intervention of other individuals or organisations for survival. Food and other items are expected to be provided by different individuals for orphans.
Periodically, kind individuals visit orhanages and homes to celebrate their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, breakthroughs or during festive periods to share the joy of the season with the less-privileged children.
Some organisations also visit the homes with relief materials and other items, as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).
In this regard, officials of New Crystal Communication Limited, last week, took a tour of five orphanage homes in Abuja, donating different relief items to celebrate the orphans, their caregivers and to appreciate God for a successful and hitch-free business year.
The orphanage homes visited were Ark of Refuge, Christ Foundation, Gifted and Talented, Treasure and Talithiacum homes.
Items distributed included schoolbags, toiletries, hostel beds and mattresses, generators, school uniforms, clothes, textbooks and exercise books, as well as food and other household items.
The items, Abuja Metro gathered, were purchased and distributed based on the need of each of the orphanage homes.
The marketing manager of the company, Augusta Ndigwe, said the gesture was not because they made much profit in the outgoing year, but to share love and feel the pulse of the less privileged in the society with the little resources God has blessed them with.
She said: “Our aim was not to display wealth but to show some love to these children who were orphaned by no fault of theirs, and are isolated from the love and care of their biological parents.
“It was also an opportunity for us to celebrate their care-givers, who have been dutiful in their care for these children. We supported them in our own little way with items needed to ameliorate the suffering of the children in their custody.”
She was impressed with the health and mental condition of the children, and encouraged their caregivers to continue to give their best to the children, with prayers that God would reward them abundantly.
She announced that the management of the company had agreed to offer scholarship to 10 orphans who had outstanding academic performance, to aid their academic quest.
The operator of Christ Foundation Orphanage, Gabriel Kuta, was grateful to New Crystal Communication Limited, for remembering them with items that would help them give good care to the children.
He prayed that God would replenish the pockets of whoever was involved in the provision of the relief items. He also encouraged other philanthropists to emulate the company and restore hope in the less privileged children.
Meanwhile, the children used drama, dance and other presentations to solicit increased intervention of government and other Nigerians in issues that concern orphans and other underprivileged people in the society.

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Australia awards scholarships to 20 nigerians

twenty successful applicants from nigeria have acquired scholarships in diverse fields within the agriculture, extractives, and public policy sectors as a part of specialists decided on and offered from 15 african nations to have a look at at masters degree in australia.

the a hit awardees can be mobilizing to adopt their studies at various australian universities from january 2018.

a assertion via the public affairs officer of the high commission of australia in abuja, hope ayabina introduced this thursday.

the australian authorities recognizes that schooling has a crucial function in development. thru the advent of a professional staff and influencing individual behaviors, values and attitudes, better training contributes to the components of highly knowledgeable those who are socially engaged and may develop their nations.

the australia awards scholarships offer an effective and green version helping various strategic overseas policy, monetary international relations and improvement targets across priority sectors. the scholarships form an quintessential part of australia’s improvement software and help to build crucial skills and information. in training for the awardees dwelling and analyzing in australia, the government will host a two-day workshop and a reception for the scholarship recipients in nigeria. awardees may even speak the improvement projects that they wish to put in force when they go back home.

the australian high commissioner, mr. paul lehmann, will cope with recipients at a reception at the excessive commissioners’ house.

body of workers from the australian excessive commission in abuja and authorities officials from nigeria could be in attendance. the participation of nigerian officers reflects the precious bilateral partnership at country wide authorities stage. 

“the award recipients show the management capacity necessary to boost improvement in africa. through the australia awards, they may have get right of entry to to international-class training and help that allows them to make a contribution to sustainable development of their workplaces and communities. we're thrilled to nurture and facilitate the awardees’ skills and know-how via our application, so as to make an essential contribution to their countries’ inclusive boom and improvement, within the destiny,” says his excellency paul lehmann.

women and people with incapacity are strongly encouraged to apply for the australia awards. mechanisms are in place to guide the participation of applicants and awardees requiring assistance. the state-of-the-art software round for australia awards scholarships and quick courses is currently open until 15 december 2017 and 15 january 2018, respectively. statistics on australia awards – africa is available

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10 surprising destinations for sports fans

the first organised game of present day ice hockey was played in montreal in 1875 and the first reliable group, mcgill university redmen, based right here in 1880. montreal also boasts the oldest membership within the country wide hockey league, the canadiens. watch groups face off towards every other at bell centre within the october-april season. the movement is speedy, livid and every now and then violent, and noise tiers almost raise off the stadium roof. see

chateaux d’oex, switzerland

thanks to excellent flying situations, one among europe’s terrific ballooning centres has a stunning january balloon festival and a museum dedicated to the history of this aerial endeavour. at any time of year, drifting above the alpine town near montreux is extraordinary, with snow-capped mountains in every course. too timid to fly? then enjoy the spectacle from the take-off area, which features a flock of brightly-colored balloons. see

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I’m ready for presidential race 2019, says Makarfi

a former governor of kaduna state and immediately past caretaker committee chairman of peoples democratic birthday party (pdp), sen. ahmed makarfi, has stated that he was prepared for the 2019 presidential race.

speaking with reporters in his kaduna home, on sunday, makarfi stated he changed into in session with pdp stakeholders to choose the nomination form of the party for the presidency.

he said he had what it takes to preside over the affairs of the united states of america for the betterment of the citizens.

sen. makarfi mentioned that the disaster within the ruling all progressives congress (apc) become a blessing to the pdp because the crisis would assist the competition to thrive.

he said “i have been consulting throughout the u . s . considering the fact that i left because the chairman of the party. it’s is simply consultations and not endorsement.

“but it gives you an possibility to experience the heart beat and it will tell whether or not to go forward or not to go forward. the consultations had been pretty fantastic and i believe it's miles truthful enough to return to the belief that one have to join different equally capable celebration men and women who have proven hobby in in search of the birthday party’s nomination for the 2019 presidential election.

“at this stage, it's miles to search for the birthday celebration’s nomination. the successful nominees turns into the candidate in order to stand for the election. but the first factor first. if ones birthday celebration does not placed him forward, you may’t say you are contesting for presidency yet.

“at this degree, i have come to the conclusion that it's miles ok, primarily based at the consultations that i have had. the ones who have shown hobby are similarly succesful. we do not recognise how many more will display hobby however whatever it is, electricity comes from god.

“the party males and females will decide who will be the candidate. i will issue myself to the need of god and the choice of the celebration males and females every time it's far made.

“i've now not written to the party but who do you consult with? it's miles the identical birthday celebration men and women that you seek advice from informally. one has to return to the decision to seek for nomination before you even searching for formally. the entirety is degree by means of degree.

“what stays now could be, very quickly, i will start formal visits to the numerous organs of the birthday party and when the celebration comes out with the tips, that, for my part, can be the suitable time to write.

“pointers and timetable for the primaries have no longer come out. i agree with when the countrywide govt committee of the party approves the guidelines and time table for the primaries, i agree with on the way to be suitable to formally write to the party.

“it does now not imply one should no longer or cannot go to the celebration to tell them now but formal notification, in my view need to come whilst specific timetable and guidelines for the primaries are launched through the party.

“for me, i've recognized governance for on occasion at country level. i served kaduna for 3 years as commissioner for finance and economic planning. i got here in from the personal zone.

“i've non-public region revel in, specially banking. i governed this complex nation for eight years. i have legislative enjoy, having been within the senate for a  term of 8 years.

“i got a bonanza whilst the celebration management fell on my laps, to recognize about managing political birthday party. if you cannot control your party, even in case you are elected, you may have problems governing.

“if you may’t manage the legislature and build cordial relationship such that key law that may take this u . s . a . forward are handed, then governance will become complex for you.

“if you can not manage complicated society along with kaduna, that's a mini-nigeria, you can't control nigeria. god has so designed that one has exceeded via all these processes.

“these, to me, are benefits however of route it does now not suggest that it's miles a foregone conclusion. somebody who may additionally have no longer organized himself in governance at all may discover himself in government however the u . s . a . can pay a charge for that.

“i consider i've those blessings. others may additionally have their own gain however on the end of the day, the people will decide.

“what do you suggest? how do you prepare for the office of the president? you look at the responsibility of the workplace of the president and if you examine the instances that we are in now— security and financial demanding situations, unemployment, the threat to the unity of the united states because of mutual suspicion of one another, corrosion of what binds us as one entity, government at conflict with itself. in case you take one difficulty after the opposite, you may see that one has encountered across one problem or the opposite

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Gov. Bagudu’s administration has failed – APC guber aspirant

mera stated this, on sunday, at the same time as hosting a few apc supporters across all of the 21 neighborhood authorities areas of the country who paid him sallah homage in his hometown.

the apc organization, led by using alhaji isaa mohammed bagudo , had earlier appealed to mera to enroll in the gubernatorial election race due to governor bagudu’s court docket case which might not favour him.

even as responding, prince mera thanked the celebration supporters for his or her agree with in him, announcing he become absolutely geared up to serve the people of the kingdom to cope with a few challenges dealing with them.

mera pointed out that the administration of governor bagudu has failed in some sectors, at the same time as he assured the people that his management, if given the mandate to rule the nation, might do more for the humans.

in the words of mera, “permit me used this medium to inform the baby-kisser that they ought to stop the usage of children for political thuggery, and teens need to also be self reliance or worker.”

alhaji bagudo had earlier said, “we don’t have any other candidate that would replace the present governor most specially if he didn't win on the excessive court than him.”

he  appealed to the aspirant that they wanted him to simply accept the humans’s desire, while assuring him that with the supporters from the 21 neighborhood government vicinity were strongly at the back of his gubernatorial ambition.

bagudo persevered, “we are equipped to play politics in kebbi nation this time round even if the governor wins the corruption charge against him. we aren't going to vote him again once more, and in the event that they didn't guide us then we are prepared to leave the birthday party”.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

PDP guidelines for presidential aspirants with lists, demands N12m for forms

in a forty-web page report titled ‘electoral tenet for the PDP, directorate  of employer and mobilisation’, exclusively acquired via sunday punch in abuja on saturday, the birthday party said its presidential aspirants are to pay a complete sum of n12m for each nomination and expression of hobby bureaucracy, respectively.

however, woman aspirants are to pay simplest n2m for expression of interest form as they may be exempted from the price of n10m nomination rate.

the document that defined those modalities turned into signed by way of the national chairman of the pdp, prince uche secondus and the country wide secretary of the birthday party, senator umaru tsauri.

read also: fg taking us as a right, niger delta staying power strolling out –clark

the birthday celebration said all aspirants are to swear to an oath to abide via the selections of the party on the conduct of its primary elections.

the document said each aspirant have to be nominated through no longer much less than “60 persons from as a minimum -thirds of all the states of the federation who will be registered citizens in their respective neighborhood government areas and additionally registered individuals of the birthday celebration.”

the document delivered, “a copy of the voter’s registration card of the aspirant shall be connected to the duly finished nomination shape.

“to be observed with the aid of a sworn declaration made earlier than a commissioner of oaths or notary public; undertaking to abide by way of the guidelines, all legal guidelines and any guidelines or regulations made by means of the celebration for the behavior of the primary elections.

“the choice of the country wide govt committee of the party on all primary elections will be very last and binding.”

the party stated that its nec would hire a presidential screening committee on the recommendation of the nwc.

the committee, it said “shall consist of a boss and 8 others. one from every geo-political region, plus  ladies (one from the north and another from the south).”

it brought that aggrieved aspirants, who fail the screening workout, would be loose to attraction to a panel that would be led by using secondus, with a view to additionally include all other members of the nwc.

at the fee of expenses, the celebration stated, “an aspirant shall attain the expression of hobby bureaucracy code pd002/p upon payment of the non-refundable price of n2m from the countrywide secretariat of the birthday party or such region as may be specified with the aid of the nwc of the birthday party, and, on of completion, go back equal to the countrywide secretariat.

“an aspirant shall attain nomination shape code pd003/p from the country wide secretariat of the party or such different location designated through the nwc of the birthday celebration and evidenced upon fee of the prescribed non-refundable charge of n10m, shop that girl aspirants will be exempted from the payment of the prescribed nomination fee.”

study additionally: npdp individuals could be worse off if they dump apc – acf vice-chair

the record added that every one the aspirants have to be “duly registered financial individuals of the party.”

it was however silent at the modalities to determine the financial repute of the aspirants.

whilst it stated the presidential candidate would emerge via “changed open secret system,” it also delivered that the “aspirant with the very best number of votes at the quit of vote casting shall be declared the winner of the number one.”

the report became but silent on the date and venue of the unique countrywide convention wherein the candidate would emerge.

the birthday party indicated that the “date and venue for the conference would be made known, as a minimum seven days before the occasion (conference).”

part of the qualifications listed for its presidential aspirants are that they must be citizens of nigeria by birth and they ought to no longer be underneath the age of forty.

the aspirants are also predicted to be registered electorate and ought to attach a copy in their voter card and registration playing cards to their duly finished shape code pd003/p.

amongst the ones who've declared their goal to run for presidency on the platform of the pdp are a former vice chairman, atiku abubakar;  a former governor of kano nation, ibrahim shekarau;  governor of gombe kingdom, ibrahim dankwambo;  governor of ekiti kingdom, ayo fayose; and a former minister of special duties, tanimu turaki (san).

there are unconfirmed reviews that some contributors of the ruling all progressives congress may additionally illness to the former ruling celebration to vie for its presidential price ticket.

i may additionally sue political events over nomination charges –falana

human rights attorney, mr. femi falana (san), on saturday, restated his competition to the sale of nomination forms to aspirants for optionally available places of work by using political parties.

falana, in an interview with sunday punch, threatened to take felony motion towards political events that have been nonetheless selling nomination forms to aspirants notwithstanding previous court judgments prohibiting such charge.

falana, had ultimate week, in lagos, throughout the one-day national electoral summit, organised by means of the transition monitoring group with aid from the United Kingdom’s branch for worldwide improvement, railed towards the commercialisation of nomination forms by using political parties.

he regretted that in spite of president muhammadu buhari expressing unhappiness that he took a mortgage of n27m to shop for the apc nomination form for the duration of the 2015 elections, he had no longer been capable of trade the rule.

falana took at the political parties on saturday while also indicating his purpose to sue them if they endured inside the act.

he said, “the conditions for contesting elections from local government, to the house of assembly, governorship, residence of representatives, senate and presidential tiers, are all inside the charter.

“there are decisions of the court to the impact that the independent countrywide electoral commission and nation electoral commissions cannot accumulate fees from candidates who're contesting elections.

examine also: air force jets bomb benue villages

“so, if i am going to contest election, you can’t ask me to pay n27m as nomination charge due to the fact this is unknown to the constitution.

“consequently, the events cannot decide their personal rules. they cannot impose prohibitive rules so one can restriction the participation inside the contest of an election to moneybags.

“of path, we may additionally have to sue the political parties in the event that they preserve this illegality. we can not cross on like this.”

he delivered that aggrieved aspirants ought to be advocated to sue their events.

“aggrieved birthday party contributors need to be endorsed to undertaking the prohibitive nomination fees imposed on aspirants by means of political events.

“i agree with any citizen, who meets the requirements outlined within the constitution, is certified to contest any election. political parties can not upload to the constitutional requirements.”


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Russia Wants to Blast Space Junk with Laser Cannon

Russian. Space. Lasers. It's hard to believe, but it's true, Russian researchers are creating enormous weapons fit for shooting a portion of the half-million bits of room garbage circling our planet into insensibility.

Accuracy Instrument Frameworks — an innovative work arm inside the Russian space office, Roscosmos — as of late presented a proposition to the Russian Foundation of Sciences (RAS) for changing a 3-meter (10 feet) optical telescope into a laser gun, the RT arrange detailed.

Researchers at Russia's Altay Optical-Laser Center will construct this flotsam and jetsam checking telescope. At that point, to transform it into a trash vaporizing blaster, the specialists intend to include an optical location framework with an installed "strong state laser," as per the Sputnik news organization. [How Do Laser Weapons Work? (Infographic)]

From that point forward, it's sizzle time. The gun will prepare laser shafts on bits of circling debris in low Earth circle, warming up the bits of skimming garbage until the point when they are totally devastated, as indicated by RT.

Human-influenced space to garbage comprises of disposed of or broken parts of rocket, dispatch vehicles and different articles sent into space, and it comes in numerous sizes. Roughly a large portion of a million bits zooming around the planet are the extent of a marble or greater, and around 20,000 of those are in any event the span of a softball, NASA revealed in 2013. These bits travel at rates of up to 17,500 mph (28,164 km/h), and at such speeds, even a moderately little molecule of garbage could truly harm a shuttle or satellite.

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Life History of Peter Obi one of the 2019 presidential candidate


NAME : Mr. Peter Gregory OBI, (CON)

DATE OF BIRTH : 19th July 1961,

PLACE OF BIRTH: Onitsha, Nigeria


MARITAL STATUS: Married with two children


· Christ the King College, Onitsha (W.A.S.C.)

. University of Nigeria, Nsukka (B.A. Philosophy)

· Lagos Business School, Nigeria (Chief Executive Program)

· Harvard Business School, Boston, U.S.A. (Mid to Mid Marketing)

· Harvard Business School, Boston, U.S.A. (Changing the Game)

· London School of Economics (Financial Mgmt/Business Policy)

· Columbia Business School, New York, U.S.A. (Marketing Mgmt )

· Institute for Management Development, Switzerland (Senior Executive Program)

· Institute for Management Development, Switzerland (Break-Through Program for CEOs)

· Kellogg Graduate School of Management, U.S.A. (Advanced Executive Program)

· Kellogg School of Management U.S.A. (Global Advanced Mgmt Program)

. Oxford University: Said Business School, (Advanced Mgmt& Leadership Program)

. Cambridge University: George Business School (Advanced Leadership Program)


· Governor, Anambra State of Nigeria (2006-2014)

· Honorary Special Adviser to the President on Finance (till May, 2015)

· Member, Presidential Economic Management Team (till May, 2015)

· Vice-Chairman, Nigeria Governors’ Forum (2008-2014)

· Chairman, South-East Governors’ Forum (2006-2014)

. Former Chairman: Board of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

· Former Chairman: Fidelity Bank Plc.

· Former Chairman: Guardian Express Mortgage Bank, Ltd.

· Former Chairman: Future Views Securities, Ltd.

· Former Chairman: Paymaster Nigeria Plc.

· Former Chairman: Next International (Nigeria) Ltd

· Former Director: Guardian Express Bank Plc.

· Former Director: Chams Nigeria Plc.

· Former Director: Emerging Capital Ltd

· Former Director: Card Centre Plc


· Member, Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG)

· Member, Nigerian Chartered Institute of Bankers

· Member, British Institute of Directors (IOD)


In my capacity as the Governor of Anambra State, I served as a member of:

*Federal Government Committee on Minimum Wage

*Federal Government Committee on Negotiation with Labour on Subsidy

*Federal Government Committee on Mass Transit

*Federal Government Committee on Natural Resource

*National Economic Council Committee on Power Sector Reform

*National Economic Council Committee on Sharing of MDGs Funds

*National Economic Council Committee on Accurate Data on Nigeria’s Oil Import and Export

*Agricultural Transformation Implementation Council

*Sub-Committee on Needs Analysis of Public Universities in Nigeria

*National Economic Council Review Committee on the Power Sector


2015: Golden Jubilee Award from Catholic Diocese of Onitsha for outstanding contribution to quality healthcare delivery in St. Charles Borromeo Hospital in particular and Anambra State in general, on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee celebration of the hospital.

*2014: Nigerian Library Association Golden Merit Award for remarkable improvement of libraries in Anambra State, exemplified by our Government’s construction of the Kenneth Dike Digital State Library, remarkable upgrade of the Onitsha Divisional Library, and provision of library facilities in secondary schools across the State.

*2014: Champion Newspaper Most Outstanding Igbo Man of the Decade.

* 2014 The Voice Newspaper (Holand) Achievers Award for Outstanding Example in Leadership and Governance.

*2013: Silver Bird Man of the Year (with Governor BabatundeFashola of Lagos State).

*2012: Business Hallmark Newspaper Man of the Year.

*2012: The Golden Award on Prudence – by the Methodist Church of Nigeria as the Most
Financially Prudent Governor in Nigeria.

* 2012: Leadership and Good Governance Award by The Ezeife Leadership Foundation Award for restoring peace and harmony to Anambra State.

* 2012: Best Performing Governor on Immunization in South-East Nigeria – by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

* 2012: Outstanding Financial Planner and Manager – by the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion for my resourcefulness and creativity in governance.

*2011: Zik Leadership Prize.

*2010: ICT Governor of the Year – by the West Africa ICT Development Award.

*2009: Champion Newspaper Nigeria’s Most Trustworthy Governor Award.

*2009: Thisday Newspaper Most Prudent Governor in Nigeria.

*2007: The Sun Newspaper Man of the Year Award.

**The Nigerian MDGs Office/UNDP Best Governor in the Implementation of the MDGs in Nigeria


*He was the first gubernatorial candidate in Nigeria to legally challenge to its logical conclusion, his governorship electoral victory that was denied him. He won in the Courts and reclaimed his mandate.

*He was the first Governor in Nigeria to legally challenge his wrongful impeachment and was reinstated by the Courts.

*He was the first Governor in Nigeria to seek the interpretation of tenures of Governors when INEC allowed elections to take place in Anambra State when his tenure had not expired; the election already concluded was cancelled and he was allowed to complete his tenure.

*He was the first Governor to serve a 2nd term in both the new and old Anambra State, that is, almost 40 years after creation of the State.

*He was the first Governor, whilst still in Office, to be appointed a Special Adviser to the President.

*He was the first serving Governor to be appointed into the Presidential Economic Management Team.

*He was among the first Governors to be honoured with a National Award in 2011, while still in office.

*Though the only Governor whose political party was in government in only one State, he was elected Vice-Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum twice.

*Though the only non-PDP Governor in the South-East (made up of 5 States), he was elected by the other 4 PDP Governors as their Chairman for 8 years rather than the usual one year.


1. Anambra was the first State to commence Sub-Sovereign Wealth savings, the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. At a time many other Governors were leaving huge debts, I left the equivalent of $500 million Dollars in investment as well as local and foreign currency, including $156 million in Dollar-denominated bonds.

2. For the first time in the history of Anambra State, Ambassadors and High Commissioners of notable countries such as United Stated, Britain, Russia, European Union, South Africa, Belgium, Israel, the Netherlands, Canada, among others, visited the State. Before my tenure, Anambra was practically a pariah state blacklisted by the Diplomatic Corps and international development partners.

3. Development partners such as UNDP, UNICEF, the World Bank, DFID, the European Union etc., which hitherto were not in Anambra State started working with the State. Anambra was consistently adjudged one of the best states in development partnership and commitment to reforms for good governance.

4. He was recognised as Best Governor by the Millennium Development Goals Office (OSSAP-MDGs) and the UNDP in the implementation of their programmes in Nigeria.

5. The Nigerian Debt Management Office (DMO) rated Anambra as the least indebted state in Nigeria. In spite of visible and measurable achievements recorded in various sectors, the State under him did not borrow or raise bonds for her various projects.

6. The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria rated Anambra State as the most financially stable state in the country.

7. The State’s ground-breaking return of schools to their original owners – Voluntary Agencies (Churches) on 1st January 2009, and subsequent partnership with the Agencies in Education, saw the State move from 24th position out of 36 States to Number One in National Examination Council (NECO) and West African Examination Council (WAEC) examinations for three consecutive years. This made the World Bank to commission a study, led by the renowned Prof. Paul Collier of Oxford University, on this revolutionary partnership and phenomenal achievement.

8. The State also entered into strategic partnership with the Churches in the Health sector. This symbiotic relationship resulted in a tremendous boost to health care because of the services offered by health institutions owned by Voluntary Agencies, while the State restored grants to the agencies and made available to them more than 50 million Dollars in various types of support.

10. Through partnership with the Church in the Health sector, his Government funded the transformation of -:

a: Iyienu Hospital, Ogidi;
b: Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Ihiala;
c: St Charles Borromeo Hospital, Onitsha;
d: Holy Rosary Hospital, Waterside, Onitsha; and
e: St. Joseph Hospital, Adazi-Nnukwu.
His Government also built the Joseph Nwilo Heart Centre in St. Joseph, Adazi-Nnukwu, where heart operations are now being performed.

11. His Government won the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (1 Million dollars) as the best-performing state in immunisation in the South-East. With complementary funding from our Government, they used the money to build 10 Maternal and Child Care Centres across the State, particularly in rural communities, in partnership with the Churches.

12. The State was the first to procure and distribute more than 30,000 computers to secondary schools, including 22,500 from HP. The Managing Director for Personal Systems Group HP Inc, Mr. FabriceCampoy described the deployment as the biggest of such projects in the Middle-East and Africa.

13. Anambra State Government provided Microsoft Academies to more than 500 secondary schools, which the Head of Microsoft in Nigeria (Mr. Ken Span) described as the biggest such deployment in Africa so far.

14. The State provided Internet access to more than 500 secondary schools, which the CEO of Galaxy Backbone (Mr. Gerald Ilukwe) characterized as incomparable to any in the country.

15. More than 700 buses were provided to secondary schools in the State by our Government.

16. Boreholes were provided in schools all over the State.

17. Numerous classrooms were built in all the 177 communities of the State.

18 As part of the efforts to turn around the economy of the State, a number of companies were attracted to build their facilities in the Anambra State. A case in point is SABMiller, the 2nd largest brewery in the world, which built their first Green Field facility in the State, which is today one of the most successful facilities they operate globally.

19. A number of other companies followed the SABMiller initiative and were all supported and encouraged under our Government; a good example is INNOSON Motor Manufacturing Company, from which our government bought more than 1,000 vehicles.

20. Anambra State for the first time started close collaboration with recognized government security agencies (the Police, Army, Navy, Department of State Security, Civil Defence, among others), offering them various types of support including provision of more than 500 security vehicles. The improvement in security was phenomenal, such that the former IG of Police (Abubakar Mohammed) lauded Anambra State for not witnessing any bank robbery in my last three years in office.

21. To further enhance security, Anambra State provided at least one security vehicle to each of all the 177 communities in the State as well as various organizations such as markets and Churches.

22. His Administration conceived and built, from scratch, the first state-owned Teaching Hospital, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu teaching Hospital, Awka.

23. His Government commenced the planned development of the Igbariam Campus of the ChukwuemekaOdumegwu-Ojukwu University, including the fencing, construction of internal roads, electrification, construction of the Faculty of Law, Auditorium, Administrative Block, Faculty of Agriculture, Management Building, among others).

24. His Government attracted the World Bank support on erosion – National Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) – to Anambra State.

25. His Government was the first to do Poverty Mapping in Nigeria, as a guide for the effective implementation of our poverty-alleviation strategies.

26 His Government, for the first time, undertook the aerial mapping of Awka as well as the production of Structure Plans for Awka Capital Territory, Onitsha and Nnewi.

27. During his tenure and with his Government’s support, Anambra State became an oil producing State.

28. He built the first Secretariat Complex to house State Government Ministries that were hitherto scattered around the State.

29. His government commenced the development of the ‘Three Arms Zone’ comprising Government House/Governor’s Lodge, Legislative Building/Speakers Residence, and Judiciary Building with Chief Judge’s Residence.

30. By the end of his tenure in 2014, more than twelve (12) health institutions, including two hospitals, had secured accreditation; when we took off in 2006, no health institution in Anambra State was duly accredited.

31. Anambra State was the first to undergo national peer review, which scrutinised State Governments for good governance, through the State Peer Review Mechanism (SPRM), an initiative of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum in collaboration with the DFID.