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Thursday, June 21, 2018

tones of Surprises! On Russia world cup 2018

Russia 2018 World Cup and tones of Surprises!

This Iranian team that almost humiliated the Spaniards yesterday would be playing against the Portuguese. If care isn’t taken, they may send them packing. There’s no chill pill whatsoever form in that squad.
Many of us were carried away that Iranians, like the rest of the Middle East only care for and know about oil and gas money, plus jokingly also, how to make bombs, detonate it and aim at nuclear arms deal. However, at the World Cup, they’re throwing up surprises.
While I would root for Christiano Ronaldo and his team for he big is simply too good, be it as it may, if the Portuguese take the cracker as a joke or that it would come easy, let them go and have a rethink; for the Iranians I saw today aren’t there in Russia to merely exchange jersies. They came for serious business.
The World Cup has proven to be only for the best. There’s nothing again like under rating of any side or team m; if you dare to think of any team as a pushover, they will simply humble and humiliate you.  Mexicans dealt with the defending champions, the Germans with all their machines. Brazil fought to a last minute win. Spaniards were held to a draw by Portugal and Iran almost ruined their chances.
Our Nigerian boys would be playing today against the Icelanders. It’s laughable where many Nigerians in their usual style of ostentatiousness and vainglorious pomposity are already making noise that they will turn the Iceland to Ice cream within the time of the cracker. It’s ofcourse not by mouth, it’s not by beautiful nerdy designs, it’s of the foot, the ball and the team. It’s not jersies, but technicalities.
For the records, the Iceland team with virtually all players as professionals in other relevant fields that shocked the Argentines and held then to a draw. What I saw in that match and what the Nigerian squad has put in thus far, hasn’t shown the possibility of success. One has to atleast be honest to himself.
As it stands now, only a miracle may save Nigerians against the Iceland, so also, only a miracle can save Portugal against Iran.
Even the Argentines, the Germans and Brazilians aren’t yet assured of a happy ending. It’s competitive football and things got messier and got serious as well.

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