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Saturday, August 18, 2018


I exclaimed leaving my mouth open ajar as i stare at the most beautiful girl i have ever seen since i was born averting from a pink lamboghini.yes,a lamboghini,i knew it was a lamboghini cos it was boldly witten on it.surely i was not the only person captivated by the scene cos all the securities,the parents and the gateman where staring at her like a movie as she walk majestically toward the gate with an unfriendly expression.i stood bare footed at the spot and my books were folded on my chest with my hands as i stare at the whole vicinity and it all smell riches all over. i took a quick glance at the lamboghini once again by then it was already exiting the vicinity and a young guy whom i pressumed to be the angry bird driver.i thought of giving up the scholarship cos it was fully obvious that this school is not for people like me,i was still deep into my thought when i was brought back to reality by the voice of the gateman.
“you have been standing at that spot for close to 15 minute, are you gonna stay there for the whole day?”he asked and i quietly enter the gate with my books still folded in my chest.
immediately i enter the premises,the bell for the assembly was rung and student started assembling at the front of the magnificent building which serve as the assembly ground for the student.without wasting much time i head toward the assembly ground and i stopped abrutedly not knowing which of the line to join.
“what are you doing in this school?”
one of the male staff motioned to me from the front heading to the back to meet me,embarrassing the leavung daylight iut of me with his question as student started laughing so hard in the assembly ground by mere looking at me.i thought i will be able to handle the embarrassment,i thought i will be able to stay and act oblivion to their words and action but right at that spot,my strength failed me and i can feel musture tears gathering in my eyes which i was trying so hard to control from falling down.i dont blame them either who will see a bare fototed boy in a whole prestigioust kings academy and will not laugh hard.
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